Want a fast, easy, automatic way to take your MLSP business to the next level?

Yeah, me too!

I’m always looking for additional ways to “once work” and profit for a long, long time.

So when I first started promoting MLSP back in 2010, one of the first things I did was set up a Twitter account and I started tweeting every day.

Well, sorta.

Okay… You got me.

I tweeted maybe 10 times a day for two or three weeks and promptly forgot about it.

Because the RESULTS were just not worth the time and effort to make it happen.

But then I ran across a program like Mass Planner which makes it very easy to “work once” and benefit for long, long time on complete autopilot…

…and that’s when the money-making magic started to happen.

Back then I created three lists of tweets:

  • 200 Inspiring Quotes w/no links
  • 100 Problem/Solution Tweets w/affiliate links
  • Valuable Blog Posts Titles w/links to post

… and I remember it taking a few days, quite a few hours actually, to come up with 200 quotes with less than 140 characters and coming up with 100 unique tweets that didn’t sound too pitchy and gathering all the titles to my blog… saving them in the right format and getting them imported into Mass Planner.

So quite a bit of work, upfront. But then…

I just did what the commercials says,

“Just Set It & Forget It”

And the results much speak for themselves, right?

Next Level MLSP Twitter Marketing

All My Lead System Pro affiliates have the opportunity to create an affiliate account on the corporate blog…


… and share ANY POST on that blog, anywhere you want (including TWITTER) and use all of this great content to build your business!

To help you…

  • Get More Leads
  • Sponsor More Reps, and
  • Make More Money

This blog is updated 5 time a week or more and much of the content is written by active MLSP members who are producing real world results, today. I mean, seriously.

The quality of ACTIONABLE tips, tricks and inside secrets shared by top industry leaders is insane!

For example…

Now imagine being able to CLAIM all of those posts as your own… SNAG the snazzy titles… CREATE affiliate short-links and completely AUTOMATE a full-blown TWITTER MLSP marketing machine that works… even when you don’t want to!

Watch the video to learn how I use Google Docs to get the titles and urls.


Here is the CODE mentioned in the video:

=IMPORTFEED(A1, "items title", FALSE, 10)
=IMPORTFEED(A1, "items url", FALSE, 10)

Once you have a list of all these golden value-rich titles and have created your short codes…

You are all set to use any Twitter automation tool like Hootsuite or Mass Planner to set up a very powerful, fully automated Twitter Attraction Marketing machine.

In fact, it was a this post and bold promise by Mass Planner that finally got me off my butt to go set this up:

How to Create a Completely Automated Marketing Campaign For Twitter in Only 10 Minutes

And, yeah, of course…

It is REALLY going to take you more than 10 minutes.

It might even take you a few hours.

But the work is worth it because this is high level marketing that can and will help you take your MLSP business, brand, income and lifestyle to the next level.

Bless and be blessed,





PS – Want my personal TWITTER TITLE FILE with 195 killer titles and urls?

Use your real email address because the to download the file will be emailed to the address you provide.


Check your email… including your spam filter if you don’t see it in the next 2-5 minutes.

You can right-mouse click and download the file here.


Here are a couple more real-world tips, tricks and ideas using this same principle…

  • Compile a list of all YOUR blog post titles and urls. Remove that don’t make sense, create short links and add those posts to your automated Twitter syndication list. This will drive more traffic and engagement back to YOUR blog.
  • Would it make sense to create multiple twitter accounts to attract slightly different sub-niches if you can automate the entire process?
  • Since each blog post is coded to you, consider submitting each post through a social media syndication process like socialadr for even more exposure.

There are a few recommended options to help automate your Twitter marketing campaigns.

I use Mass Planner because it also automates Facebook, Facebook groups, Instagram, and Pinterest. The downside is this program is self-installed, meaning you run it from your computer and your computer needs to be on. I have a computer set up just to run this types of automated processes.

Social Oomph is a popular internet-based service that a lot of my marketing buddies use.